Pete the Sheep Audition Information

UpStage Youth Theatre’s first production for 2018 will be ‘Pete the Sheep’ adapted by the team at Monkey Baa from the picture book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley and performed in the barn at Tocal Homestead.

Shaun the Shearer just wants to give smokin’ haircuts to sheep;; it’s his calling. Unfortunately the other shearers on the station don’t like Shaun’s new-­fangled ways – he even has a sheep-­ sheep instead of a sheep-­dog! Thrown out of the shed, Shaun and his partner Pete the Sheep set up their own creative hair salon in town. Before too long word is out and all the sheep in town are down for a do, and maybe even the big boys too!

A lively and mischievous award-­winning play about individual expression, for young and old.

Please note that this play has songs and auditionees will need to be confident with holding a tune and projecting their voice.

When are the auditions?

Thursday, 5 April, 5.00 – 7.00pm, St Mary’s Anglican Parish Hall, St Mary’s, Church Street, Maitland. Call-­back auditions, Sunday 8 April, 1.00 – 3.00pm.

When is the production?

There will be 6 performances Monday 9 – Saturday 15 July.

N.B.  These dates are the first week of the July school holidays.

When are rehearsals? Thursdays 4.30 – 7.30pm Sundays 10.00 – 3.00pm

The first reading/rehearsal will take place on Thursday 12 April.

Not all cast members will be required for every rehearsal but it is expected they commit to being available for every rehearsal.

What is the financial commitment?

The production levy is $100 per cast member. This will cover the initial production costs such as licensing rights, sets and public liability insurance.

What age cast are we looking for?

We are looking for cast members Year 5 and up.

What do I have to do to audition?

Audition forms are available to download on our website and must be brought to the audition.

  • Choose one of the monologues in the audition pack below and prepare it for the audition. It is preferable that actors learn the monologue by heart.
  • Learn the melody of the first verse to the opening song (words and music in the audition pack). We have included a link for you to watch the original.
    • You will be required to participate in a workshop exploring the use of your body to create animal characters. We are looking for actors versatile enough to play more than one role. This production will require a strong ensemble cast.


What happens if I get a part?

Those students who are given a position in the cast will be notified by email or phone and will receive a rehearsal schedule and script via email. Cast members need to be confident with the script before the first rehearsal as the rehearsal period will be relatively short.

Parent Support

It’s essential that students involved in the production have parental support in ensuring they are able to uphold their commitment to the show. This means getting students to rehearsals and helping them learn lines. With the correct preparation and help in learning the script, cast members will feel confident.

I’ve never been in an UpStage show and feel nervous about auditioning.

Preparation is vital to feeling comfortable in an audition. Make sure you're familiar with the story and prepare yourself by rehearsing any audition material you're given before the day. Nerves are completely natural and can even enhance a performance if you're able to control them. This is what drama and theatre is about. I have auditioned hundreds of times and know what it is like. I’m on your side!!! Turn up, and have a go!

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be more than happy to discuss your queries.

Hope to see you at the auditions,


Phone: 0402 331197

Audition Pack

Pete the Sheep Audition Info

Opening Song